Monday, December 14, 2009

one down - ??? to go?

I finished up my first ornament of the season yesterday - it's a design called Turtle Dove from the Courtney Collection and was in the 2008 ornament issue from Just Cross Stitch. I did mine on an unknown laguna type linen using an unknown Vikki Clayton silk. I started work today on the 2009 ornament from the Courtney Collection - Twitter Blue. I'll post a photo tomorrow as I didn't get enough done this morning on the way into work to really show anything.

Over the weekend I did a bit of quilting. But again nothing to show. I went through my stash and pulled out three quilts that are in various stages of completion (all cut out and some blocks done). And managed to get some work done on two of them. I wish I had some time off from work in the next couple of weeks but I burned through all of my vacation time with my mom in Florida. Such a bummer - I know I could get a ton done if I had large stretches of time. The goal is to finish a couple of quilts before I go out and start spending $$$ on new fabrics. Which is really hard because I have some ideas for quilts and of course I don't have the correct fabric for. I drove up to a nice quilting store in Racine, WI on Saturday and spent at least an hour looking over all the new stuff. I fell in love with a line of fabric designed by the French General lady - it's in muted reds, greys and taupe. There is a quilt kit using those fabrics that I just have to have. Maybe in January I'll take the plunge. But as I said, I have at least a half a dozen other quilts ready to go or partially completed. And let's not even talk about the bin of completed tops that need to be sent out to be quilted. :-)


Margaret said...

Lovely ornament! Just a warning: the French General fabric is super popular -- and once it sells out, that's it. I grabbed when I could, quilting or no quilting. lol!

Michelle said...

Love your little ornament. And I need to get busy on some of my partially finished quilts too. That Rouenneries fabric is so luscious - I think I need some too!