Wednesday, December 23, 2009

and now for something completely different

The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow has returned! I started on House #11 yesterday and have made good progress. I still have House #8 and the last block to go but at least I'm back at it. I still need to finish my sister's Christmas gift and two ornaments but I should get there by Friday.

I decided that I really needed to finish up Houses before I start working on my Thistle Threads projects. I have further decided that 2010 needs to be the year of working on projects that I currently own. There will be a few exceptions like my BBD Loose Feathers and I'll let myself purchase things to complete something but for the most part I plan on working from my stash. We shall see how that goes. :-) I believe I have said this before. :-)


Missy Ann said...

Oh the guilt! I have 1/3 of one tree completed on this block. I too must really get it finished!

Love the sheep, so cute.

Deb said...

Well, you're making me feel guilty here too. I really should finish one of these HRH pieces up. On block 6 of Shores and Block 5 of Houses. I told myself last year I was going to finish at least one and with a week to go before the end of the year, I don't think that's going to happen. Oh well, always next year, right??

Peg said...

Looking good! You will get it done in no time now. I am working on Villages and hope to get it done before the urge takes over to start one of the others. Rumor has it that the last Loose Feather of this year (not out yet??) will be the last one. I have heard they are stopping it. I hope not but if they do maybe they will come out with another. Merry Christmas Margie!

Margaret said...

I love your HoHRH! And yes, I think I need to do the same thing and try to work from my stash. But I don't know if I have the will power to do it! lol! I hope you stick with it -- if you want to that is. :D Have a great Christmas!

Theresa said...

I love the little sheeps~~ (They are sheeps, right??)
I also have so many unfinished projects that I need to work on. No new stash for me before I finish them - lets see how long I can stick with this plan.... If only those designers don't come up with so many wonderful patterns!!!!!
Happy holidays to you and your babies~~~~

Katrina said...

Great goal for 2010!!! I'd do something similar but I know as soon as the market stuff comes out, it would all go out the window ;-).

Your HoHRH is really coming along.

Julie M said...

No no no!! As someone who works in an LNS I must protest your goal for 2010! MUST.BUY.MORE.STASH. Repeat after me mustbuymorestash! :)

Good start on the next block of HOHRH!

woolwoman said...

Your HoHRH is going to be gorgeous

I hope I can work more from stash in 2010 and finish up some lovely things I have started. Shores is my favorite HRH piece and I need to put that into rotation.
Merry Christmas Melody

stitchin schoolmarm said...

Your stitching is so beautiful! Good luck with your plans for 2010,
my plans for stuff like that never works out!