Monday, August 10, 2009

not much stitching going on

I didn't get as much in on The Herb Gatherer as my mind said I could on last Friday. :-) And I didn't pick up HoHRH at all as I thought I wanted to. I LOVE working on this piece and I can't remember the last time I had so much enthusiasm for stitching so I figured I just needed to go with it. It was hot and humid as predicted and I ended up shopping for huge stretches of time. And I put the blame squarely on my friend Peggy's shoulders.

I've been invited to attend Peggy's daughter's wedding in November which is being held in Jamaica and Peggy innocently mentioned on Friday that she wanted to get some summer stuff on clearance while there was still a good supply at the stores. I thought about it and I also wanted some nice stuff for vacation in my new size. So I ended up at the mall both Saturday and Sunday. And I did find some great sales. I found a dress for the wedding on super clearance from White House Black Market. Then I hit the Talbots outlet on Sunday and got a huge bag of clothes for $120. All in my new size of 2! I love to say that. :-)

Now I just need a sun dress or two and I'm all set for vacation. Any way, the point is, I didn't have as much time as I thought I would for stitching. I was too busy spending money. :-)


Deb said...

Size 2 - wow I haven't seen that size since before my kids were born. And isn't that Talbots outlet great - we have one near us and it's the first place I hit. Love the Herb Gatherer. Even a little bit of progress is good progress.

Kathy said...

Any progress is progress. You Herb Gatherer is looking great.

Glad you had fun shopping. It is always great to get all those bargins.

You can stitch any day but the bargins won't always be there.

Margaret said...

Wow -- I love how your Herb Gatherer is looking! It's just wonderful -- and yes, you should go with what you're enthusiastic about by all means! I think you spent the weekend in a very productive way. Good sales are hard to come by, and now is the time for them! Size 2 -- fantastic!

Coni said...

Woo hoo, TWO! What a wonderful number. I (sigh) will never see it, but I can live vicariously, right?

The HG is wonderful. My sister has this one in her stash, so I suppose a stealth "shopping trip" to her studio might be in order...teehee!

Doris said...

all progress is good. tiny o huge.

oh, size 2..(sigh) i only can dream with that size..(sigh)

Cathy B said...

Look at it this way -- all the money you saved by buying your clothes on sale -- can now be used to buy more stitching stash. Bonus!