Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting ready for another busy weekend

Here is my progress on Autumn Bouquet. I'm moving right along. I'll pop it in my agility bag this weekend and hopefully get some more in. Last night I finished all the back stitching on the Herb Gatherer and even started on the beading. I'll be finished by the end of the weekend for sure and will have some nice photos of the finis finis on Monday. :-)

As mentioned above, this weekend is the second agility trial in the current series of six. Because for the most part I totally loose the weekend I have to take care of all the usual weekend stuff during the week. So on Wednesday and Thursday evening I did all the laundry. Tonight after work I will have to go to the grocery store and buy food for me and the pugs. I feed them a raw diet and every other week I have to prepare their breakfasts for two or three weeks and I am almost out. I also have to pack for tomorrow. Believe it or not, the stuff required for an agility trial is amazing. I imagine it's like traveling with kids. :-)

First I need a mat to cover our floor space at the trial facility. We will be at an indoor soccer field and the mat is required. Mine is five feet by eight feet. Then I have a crate for the two pugs - thank goodness they like to be together - so mine is on the large size and I can keep as many as three pugs in there. Cooler - that one is obvious - for my drinks, lunch and the pugs treats and water. Fan to cool the pugs in case it's warm at the trial site. Blankets to cover the crate so pugs sleep the day away. Big chair for me. Most agility folks buy one from Picnic Time. They are very comfy and have an attached table. My agility bag - this is where everything that I can possibly need for the weekend goes. Mine is the largest canvas tote bag that Land's End sells. And it's stuffed to the gills. Just to name a few items, video camera, still camera, tripod, notebooks and clipboard, more treats, more snacks, pens and pencils, extra socks and the list goes on and on. I think you get the drift. If it's an outdoor trial the list is even bigger. Canopy tent, sun shades and more clothes in the case the weather changes. My car is filled to the gills!

I should get in some stitching at this trial, not many of my friends will be there during the weekend so I'll be hanging out with the pugs for the most part, stitching and listening to the latest Dark novel by Christine Feehan on my MP3. Cross your fingers that agility Clancy comes to the trial and not his evil twin, Weave Pole Popping Clancy. :-)

Have a great weekend!


Deanne J said...

Autumn Bouquet looks great. Good luck this weekend

Deb said...

Autumn Bouquet looks great and can't wait to see your Herb Gatherer finish. Good luck with weekend.

Kathy said...

AB is looking good. I really like the fabric you are using.

As for Clancy. I'm keeping my toes crossed for him. I really hope he does well for you.

And I totally understand about the packing. it's something I hadn't done in a long while Packing for shows. But I will be right there with you real soon. (I'm sending in my Rory's entries for the end of Septmeber and also for a 3 day cluster in October.)

Tommye said...

I love "Autumn Bouquet". Mine is on loan in my LNS. I changed the colors a little, but I can't remember what I used. Love your background fabric too.


Kit said...

Autumn Bouquet is moving right along. Good luck with the agility trial this weekend.

Julie M said...

Love Christine Feehan! Good luck this weekend and yes it does sound like traveling with children! But then, isn't that what the pugs are??:)

Alice said...

I love that fabric! It is looking very nice. Good luck with Clancy.