Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my new start

Here is my start on Autumn Bouquet. I was able to start it on the way home yesterday after all. My friend Kelly from work read my blog yesterday and since she lives within walking distance of work, she went home at lunch and brought me back a needle. How about that for nice? :-) But now I do have a pack of needles in my computer bag and at my desk. :-) Not going to let that happen again. It will most likely be something else next time! LOL!

I'm stitching my AB on Lakeside Linens Vintage Autumn Gold, 32 count - I also decided to go with the four charted colors of GA floss but now that I've started I seem to recall some very lovely pieces that were stitched with only one color of floss. It's not too late for me to change my mind and I'm going to have to think on it really hard today because I wouldn't want to put anymore in if I'm just going to pull it all out.

I have updated my wish list on the left. If any one would like to trade something that I have for something on my wish list, please email me. I'm always happy to pass things along.

Thanks for all your nice comments yesterday about my Herb Gatherer and thanks for commiserating with me over Clancy. One of the comments was from a fellow pug owner stating how stubborn they can be and that is absolutely true. They are considered a non-biddable breed and Clancy is a perfect example of the meaning of non-biddable. :-) With many breeds their attitude is "what can I do for you now"? With pugs it's more often "what have you done for me lately"? LOL! I also had to stand back and make sure I'm not being too hard on him. And after a ton of pondering, I really don't think I am. Clancy knows his job 100% and I guessing the problem is he is not always willing to do what I want when I want it so he just goes with what is easiest for him. Fixing this attitude is all part of dog training and I just need to figure out how to get in his head better. But I sure wish sometimes he was a herding dog and not a pug. :-) I'll chat with our coach tonight and see if she has any insight. It just might be time to accept that this will always be an issue and once in a while we might succeed. And since I've chosen pugs as my breed of choice the sooner I get over it the better. It's that or switch to a different breed of dogs and I don't think I'm quite ready for that. A couple years down the road maybe but not yet.


Margaret said...

Love your new start. It's true, there are some nice monochrome versions of this one too. How nice of your coworker to get you a needle from her home! That's interesting about pugs being stubborn. I can't see you giving up on your sweet pugs though. And how can you resist those faces? :D

Siobhan said...

I agree with Margaret--I can't see you giving up on those pugs!! :)

Love the new start--perfect choice with the linen!

Kathy said...

Lovely start and I like the colors you are using.

As for poor Clancy......... Well, I say don't give up and keep trying to be more stubborn than he is. :)

Deanne J said...

Very pretty start, can't wait to see more

grace said...

What a beautiful start. I really like the colors, especially the linen!
And that was so sweet of your co-worker to bring you back a needle! I think I'm going to pack away a project in my car! Just today I was stuck waiting in the car for a good 30 minutes and I could not help but think I could've been stitching away!
I didn't know that pugs were stubborn, but I too agree, I can't see you giving up your pugs!

Katrina said...

Love your new start!

I am still planning on sending you Tocatta IV when I finish but I am not in a big hurry to get back to it. If you decide you want to do it and I am not working on it you are more than welcome to the chart and you can return it whenever you finish. Just let me know.

Chrissie said...

I really love the colour of the linen and those threads you are using look great.

Karen said...

I stitched this earlier this year and it was a fun stitch. Love your fabric choice.

My UFO is Herb Gatherer so seeing yours will hopefully motivate me to pull mine out. It is so pretty finished. Great finish.

Anna van Schurman said...

We're trying to figure out what is in the mix is that makes Stella so small. Maybe it's pug--she's so stubborn (that could be the chow). I so need a DNA kit for her!