Wednesday, March 04, 2009

not much progress made, it's raining frogs

As I was working on my Big Zipper piece on the way into the office on Monday morning, I was at the lower left hand corner moving to the right. I looked at it and told myself I should take a few minutes and make sure that the two corners are lining up. But it's hard to do that on the moving train so I decided to just move ahead because I never make that sort of counting error. Well just shoot me in the foot. As I started back on the ride home that afternoon, I did quickly check because I was over half way across the bottom and it was easy to check even in the moving train. And sure enough, I was off one row. It took me the best part of the way home to find it. I had to rip out all the bottom and most of the left hand side. Bummer. That took most of rest of the evening and I have just now finished the bottom and made a start on another section of the piece.

Next time I have a gut feeling I need to check something I will for sure. :-) Lesson learned. :-)

Thanks for all your kind comments on my chair finishes. For a while now, I have not let the finishing put me off a project if I liked it. And I really didn't think this one was so hard. The instructions were very complete and there were a ton of color photos in the booklet. My next big finishing project (after I complete all my Quaker Turtles) will be my Etui. That one should be challenging because I think there will be a bit of sewing/handwork involved and just not gluing! :-)


Deb said...

Sorry to hear about all the ripping out you had to do. I'm anxious to see your progress on the Big Zipper. It's such a cute piece. (And I'm still obsessing over your chair!!)

Siobhan said...

Urgh on the frogging. :P I hate it when that happens, especially when you ignore the voice in your head that says to check. At least you got it ripped out & restitched--it looks great, your progress is wonderful! You're, uh, sorry but I just can't resist the pun, zipping along! :D

Doris said...

oh so sorry for the frogs.

i am still waitng my etui and the floss to the chaise (cat´s whiskers), my mail man is slow like a slice even when he use a bike!.

even with the forg,your work look really nice!.

Nicole said...

I'm so sorry you had to frog! It's looking beautiful though!