Friday, March 06, 2009

A little kitty

The blob in the center is a kitty. I sure hope when I add her little whiskers I can tell what it is. :-) I'm happy with the outline that I put in last night with the new color floss. It's a bit darker than the Tarnished Gold and I like the contrast.

Not sure what I'm going to work on this weekend. It's sunny and 60 today but tomorrow and Sunday it's supposed to rain and be much colder so the outside won't keep me from anything inside. I'm ready to put BZ down for a couple of weeks but the hard part is done now and I'm at the point where I'll start making a lot of progress so I'm sorta inclined to keep at it. I know I need to work on House #3 - the NPIs I needed should be at the house tonight. I also really want to get at least one more turtle finished. I've been saying that for three weeks now. :-) All the more reason to finish off that project. So I think I'll just go with the flow. After all it's the beginning of the month and I have all month to do the required stuff. :-)

Chevy the foster dog is getting his stitches out tomorrow so he's ready for his new home. And to tell the truth, I'm ready for him to go. I'm finding four dogs too much for me on a day to day basis. I'm not sure if it's just that he is the fourth dog or because that fourth dog is three times the size of my pugs. I'm pug sitting for a friend in a couple of weeks and will have two of hers with me for a week. So I'll see then if it's the number of dogs or the size.

Have a great weekend!


Suburban Stitcher said...

Wow you're making very quick progress with this one!!! It looks wonderful!!

Nicole said...

I like the little kitty! You are making great progress! :)

Bine said...

It looks great so far and you are making fantastic progress...keep going :)

Siobhán said...

Great progress, Margie!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Looking good, Margie! I loved this design when it first came out and I am really enjoying watching your progress!