Thursday, August 07, 2008

Papillion Creations Mystery Part 7 & 8 finis

I finished up the Papillion Creations Mystery "How Does Your Garden Grow?" parts 7 & 8 today. It's 13 parts long so we are now half way. But it feels like there should be a lot more to go judging by how much extra linen I have at the bottom.

Here is my progress on Randenlap Celtic - as you can see not a ton done since my last progress photo as I've only had one round trip train ride this week. I've been working on other stuff but I think I'll work on it tomorrow and the coming weekend. It's been tough finding the flow and I'm sure just as I find it, it will be time to start work on a new and different band. :-)

No plans for the weekend - just the usual dog training and lawn work. :-) But with temps in the 70's it will be a beaut. And I'm so slow at work right now, I just might take tomorrow off.


Barbara said...

I hope your dog training weekend is a lot of fun. I like that Celtic you're working on very much!

Karoline said...

Your mystery sampler is looking gorgeous