Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy First Birthday Aoife!

I can't believe my little puppy is a year old today. :-) My how time flys.

My three kids together :-) from the left, Molly, Aoife and Clancy.

Here is her first official photo as a member of the household taken the evening she arrived, from the left, Clancy, Aoife and Molly.

And about 30 minutes after that photo was taken. :-)

Last night in agility class my friend Peggy and I had a little party for our two puppies. Here is Aoife (on the left) and Seven together.

I made pug cookies for the class.

And the reason most of you stop by.... ;-) Here is my new start, from Ink Circles, Cirque des Cercles. I'm stitching it on Picture This Plus Phantom using a Vikki Clayton silk called Glacial (it's in variegated shades of light purple, light green and light aqua blue). I've had this chart since the day it came out two years ago. And I've finally started it! Yeah!

I also received my new skeins for my Celtic piece and the color change is very very slight. But I'm going to use them in any case. I might be the only person who knows there are two different colors! :-)


mercy said...

I love the new blog design! I don't know when you changed it but I've been using google reader so this is the first time I see it. I wanted to ask you a question on your pug cookies...did they stink up your house? I've been wanting to make some treats for Ana and Kyle but the recipe that I read said to not expect a wonderful baking smell. I'll still try to make it for them because I can just love to see their little snouts up in the air sniffing at a 1000 sniffs per minute but I would like to know that they smell is tolerable and not horrid! LOL Happy birthday Aoife!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous fabric/thread combination for CdC!

Happy birthday to Aoife too!

Nicki said...

Happy birthday Aoife! I love seeing the pug piccies and hearing about them. Wasn't she small when she arrived? And how incredibly sweet in that one with the toy :)

Gorgeous combination for CdesC :)

Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, is she really already a year old?! Happy birthday, Aoife!!

westoverpugs said...

Happy Birthday Aoife! Love the pug cookies!!

Carol R said...

A handsome trio of pugs! Happy Birthday Aoife.
Those cookies are really cute too.

Lovely new start.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Aoife, from Bandit, HarleyQuinn and Me :)

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Aoife. It is hard to believe it has been a year. All the pugs are so cute. Makes you want to hug them all. Love the cookies.

CdC is going to be gorgeous. Nice color combination.

Michelle said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Aoife. Beautiful start on CdC too!