Monday, January 07, 2008

slow weekend

I'm finally at the half way point with A Quaker Study and this piece continues to be tough for me to work on. Boring, boring, boring! And I think I'm going to run out of silk floss. :-( I love Quaker's but this is just the same design and the same two colors over and over. I don't want to stop until it's finished but I so want to start something new for the new year. I did break it up a bit yesterday and I stitched my scissor fob for the exchange I'm participating in. I'm pretty sure I would be able to show it because I'm sending mine to Europe and I'm very sure that that country I'm sending mine to has never show up in my country log but I'll wait until after she receives it. I just need to add the beads (which I had to order last week) and do the finishing work and I'm done! Then comes the nerve racking part - is it nice enough, did I do ok with the finishings, etc. I hate it when I second guess myself but I'm sure it will turn out nice.
My Pug Meetup was this past Saturday and it was such a nice day (low 40's) that Aoife came along with the big pugs. She had a blast! And she looks so cute in her little pink coat. :-)


Barbara said...

That pink coat is too-too cute! :D I have to ask where you do your doggie shopping - maybe I could surprise my mom with some new clothes for her babies.

Good luck sticking with your Quaker. It looks fabulous, but I can well imagine that it gets tedious to stitch at times.

Vonna said...

The Quaker looks great...although your bored with it...I'd start something new and keep the Quaker in the rotation...but hey...that's me and I'm a serial starter :)

Aolfie looks so sweet in her winter coat! :)

Anonymous said...

Your progress on this piece is looking marvelous! The pup is so cute.

Linen Stitcher said...

Sorry to hear that you're finding "Quaker Study" tedious. It really looks wonderful, so I hope you make it through! Aoife looks adorable in pink!

Cathy B said...

Even though it may be tedious, A Quaker Study is really lovely!

The Silver Thistle said...

It's going to look fab when it's finished! It's been time well spent on it because it's turning out so well. YOu've made a super job of it.

Jackie in UK said...

Hi there!

The QS is looking lovely, but I can imagine it could become quite dull to stitch.... you are doing well to have stitched so much, so quickly. I love the little pink dog coat too! :-)

I had to smile that you think you have no visitors from Europe - I am in England and drop by several times a week! Maybe I should post more often.... ;-)

Jackie x