Monday, January 28, 2008

Not a ton to show today

My blogging has been a little on the light side lately. I've been super busy at work and haven't been getting a lot stitched or completed in the past couple of weeks. And I'm behind again with both my reading and commenting on everyone else's blogs too. And working at home is taking its toll with my total stitching time. When I don't take the train I loose out on almost three hours of stitching each day. I actually came into the office an extra day last week when I could have worked at home just so I could work on St. Reatham. :-)

I spent the bulk of my crafting time this weekend finishing the stitching on my Peacock Chair - that's finished and I hope to start on the actual chair this week. I worked on Toccato II Sunday evening while watching Mansfield Place on PBS. Did everyone notice the cute as a button pug? :-) Loved the pug but this is probably my least favorite Jane Austen adaptation so far.

I also did my taxes and I spent the bulk of my refund on completing my agility course for the back yard and buying a new bedroom look. Remember back several months ago when I finished my Chocolat quilted dog bed? And I made a matching quilt for me? Well this weekend I decided for finally finish my bedroom look and I bought new sheets in a carmel color and pillow shames in a nice shade of red. I also purchased the coordinating Moda Chocolat fabric to make a new duvet for my king size down comforter. It's super easy to make a king size duvet these days. Just look for extra wide quilting fabric. It's 108 inches wide so you only need to purchase three yards for the front and three yards for the back - stitch up the bottom and sides together and figure out a way to close it all (I'm going to put in a row of button) and you're done. So I bought a carmel tonal piece for one side and a very pretty red and tan print for the other. It should only take an afternoon to complete the duvet. I'm hoping to have the fabric by the weekend. I also contacted my favorite machine quilter and reserved a space to quilt my matching throw. I was going to machine quilt it myself but now that I've thought about it, I want something a little nicer than what I can currently do.


Anonymous said...

The quilt piece shown looks lovely, I would love to see your new bedroom look. I am loving your toccata II, can't wait to start on mine.

Terri said...

Your new bedroom sounds lovely!

I watched the BBC version of Mansfield Park on Saturday. I've recorded the other and will watch it tonight. You're the first person I thought of when I saw "Pug." LOL

Mindi said...

Your bedroom is going to look wonderful! I love those colors you've picked out for it.

I finally broke down today and purchased the Sheepish Designs Alpha charts to stitch all as one piece. I kept remembering how yours looked, and with her retiring, I wanted to make sure I had them.

Barbara said...

Great to see those adorable pugs again!

Karoline said...

Not far to go on Toccata no2 now, it's looking lovely.