Thursday, January 31, 2008


One line to go and I'm finished with Toccato II! I'm crossing my fingers that I will be motivated to finish by the end of the weekend. I have a long weekend coming up because tomorrow I'm getting a root canal. Yikes! But it's first thing so I'll have the entire day to play.

It occured to me yesterday that I have not posted a photo of the baby for quite some time. So here is baby Aoife in all her glory! LOL!

Not so much a baby anymore.
With big sister Molly (Aoife is on the right - I could not get her to look at me!)
And the whole gang - Molly is sitting, Aoife standing and Clancy is on the floor.

I heard from my Hooked on Exchanging partner, Rita yesterday - she received my fob. I sent it all the way to Hungary.

Rhodes Butterfly Rob by the Sweetheart Tree (#85)

Silkweavers 32 count Meadow Mist linen

Vicki Clayton hand dyed silk


Barbara said...

All three babies are looking adorable!

Your fob is gorgeous! Great job!! And your DT is looking fab!

Sandra said...

The fob is beautiful, so neat. I can tell Aoife as she has a darker face at the moment, but perhaps it will lighten with time? Good luck at the dentist, your treatment does not sound too pleasant.

Mindi said...

The fob you stitched is gorgeous! Tocatta II looks very nice, and you're so close to being done with it. Thanks for the pictures of the pugs, I really look forward to them.

Carol R said...

That is one gorgeous fob! And what cute little pugs too.

Deanne J said...

Beautiful fob and your babies are so cute

Megumi said...

Your pugs are adorable!

Absolutely gorgeous fob - looks wonderful!

Katrina said...

Love the tocatta piece and the fob is gorgeous. Your puppies are very sweet.

Kathy said...

Love it when you include pictures of your babies. Oh, and the stitching is nice too.

Sonda in OR said...

Your stitching is wonderful, and I've gotta love the pugs!!

Michelle said...

Great photos! What a gorgeous fob too, I love the colors in it.