Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Long weekend!

I've been making pretty good progress with my IsaV this week.  Stayed awake for five whole train rides so far!  :-) 
 Here is a photo of most of the stash I've received so far with my Casket classes. Yes, except for the medal threads, it's all silk. And really nice silk also. I can't wait to start using it for my stumpwork. 
 I was planning on starting work on my CoC frame over the weekend.  But I remembered that I had an old class hanging around from Thistle Threads - the Floral Glove.  And it has a lot of instructions about the techniques that I needed work with.  Like long and short shading and couching.  So I pulled it out and sat down and worked on it.  I think I'll do this before I start working on my frame.  I want to be in top form before starting it.  I also pulled another (free!) online tutorial from Nora Corbet on long and short stitching and I might even work on that for a while also.  Just reading the lessons helped with what I did on Sunday while working on the glove. 

I've got a four day weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July!  Part of the plan is to spend as much time playing with Isabelle the lab to tire her out.  She is so afraid of the fireworks and I live in a neighborhood where the kids are loaded down with the crap.  Her cave is already set up in the house and starting at around 6:00pm Friday I'll have the windows all shut and the music blasting to help drown out the noise.  Poor baby - I hate this time of year.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW--you are organized. Love Thistle Threads and think they are above my skill level

Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor Isabelle. My last foster, Annie, the pug wannabee, was TERRIFIED of fireworks, gunshots, etc. It was so sad. Good luck keeping her calm. They've been going off in my neighborhood for weeks...sigh.
Hugs :)

marly said...

Can't wait to watch progress with these silk threads. Have you ever tried the Thunder Shirt for anxiety? It has helped quite a few dogs and I can't figure out why.

Anna van Schurman said...

Stella hates fireworks too. It's impossible to walk her after dark, and too hot to walk before the sun goes down. :-(

Good luck.