Thursday, June 26, 2014

First Steps

Again, it sure has been a long time.  At least I've been stitching some.  That makes me feel marginally better.  :-)  I'm almost finished with the seventh row of my IsaV Marquior.  Two rows to go - been working on this since forever, since 2009 maybe?  But I can see the end at last.  If I would work on it everyday it would be complete in a couple of weeks.  Trying really hard to stay awake on the train because I really miss my old finis rate.    I'm doing mine on 35 count Weeks Dye Works Havana with HDF Imperialosity. 

 That and the Shepherds Bush Twined Heart have been my train projects.  I really enjoy working on the smallish SB projects.  I REALLY love the new one - the box with the sewing smalls.  But $50.00 for the first one!  Ouch.  So I don't have it.  :-)

 I've been spending most of my time thinking about starting my casket (there is actually someone finished already).  But haven't been able to do a single thing on it expect spend money on it.  I'm currently over $3,000 in class fees and supplies.  My monthly payment is over $160.00.  $110 for the casket and $55.50 for the stumpwork class.  You would think that would be enough to get me to do something, anything, but I just keep making more excuses.  I need this, I need that, need more time, more money or more skill.  So I got tired of all of that because I really miss stitching and the pressure of this just project is just killing me.  So I decided if I can't start the big project, let me at least start the smaller project that is optional for the second class - a framed mirror.  Of course, that one is mostly our cost (frame is $300) and it did cost me a buttload to get it started but here is the first step.  I transfered the pattern to the linen.  It's a 40 count and I like it so far.  If I like how it stitches up, I'll use it for the base of my casket.  I'm not going to use a ton of silk threads we have been sent so far for it but use DMC and Vicki Clayton silks.  I've already bought a ton and I'm actually ready to start putting needle to thread - maybe today even.  The first step is to couch a gold thread to all the large flower motifs that surround the center motif.  I think I can handle that.  :-)  It's a bigish project - 14 x 15 and I'm going to follow the instructions to the letter rather than go off by myself.  That will also take a ton of pressure off me. 

It's funny, the second I decided to work on something related but not the casket a lot of the decisions about the casket design started to flow in my head.  I'm not going to make a traditional one but a modern interpretation of a casket.  I love the designs of Jane Nicholas and another designer from the UK, Alison Cole. And I'm almost done purchasing things that I think I need for the casket work.  However, yesterday when I was done mounting the linen for the mirror on my new Needle Needs Millennium frame, I realized that this thing is a beast.  No way will it work with my Needlepoint System 4 stand.  So I need one more expensive thing - a needlework trestle table.  Needle Needs sells one that works perfect with the frame and it's 112 UK Pounds but it's out of stock right now.  So by the time I pay for shipping I figure almost $200.  Until I get it, I'll just prop the frame up on the couch somehow. 

 Since I had my new light table out, I transfered the design for a Thistle Threads kit called Lady Catherine's Slipper.  It super small and should go really quick.  I think I should be all about small wins right now.

And since I was starting new things, I signed up for the Shining Needle Drawn Thread Sampler course.  I love drawn thread and I'm thinking of adding some to my casket so it seemed like a good idea at the time.  After almost $200 though, maybe I should have passed.  :-)  The class start soon.  They ran out of materials it was so popular and had to order more!

Thanks for stopping by - I'm going to try my darnest to keep this blog current.  And stitch more!

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