Monday, July 12, 2010

Remember me?

I'm back from vacation. Such a bummer. I had a wonderful 10 or so days off. I started it with Summer Agility Camp with Aoife and Clancy. Aoife rocked and many, many people had really nice things to say about her. Clancy got his chance to play on day three because Aoife was so tired as most of the classes were outside and it was hot in Eau Claire. :-) He did great as always. Then it was back home for a week of nothing. And I mean nothing. I barely stitched, never quilted, hooked rugs? what rugs? Didn't do any lawn work except for what I had to. I did nap. :-) And play with the pugs. It was really hot the entire week and that is all I really left like doing.

Above is my start on my next counted needlepoint project, Cluster of Lilies by Laura J. Perin. This is probably my least favorite of the six I'm doing in terms of both color and pattern but I got a deal on the chart so I went with it. I'm having a harder time finding the rhythm of the piece - maybe because it's a nine block center rather than the four block center that I did with the other two. But it's quick and that is what I want. I need to get around to ordering the boxes that I need for the six pieces. They are custom made from my box guy and he will need some lead time. All my quilted needlepoint designs with end up as the top of the box.

In totally unrelated news, I've started running again! I ran a marathon back in 2001 but injury sidelined me in 2002 and I more or less gave up all exercise at that time. I've tried to get back into some sort of regular program for years and over the past five or so weeks I've been doing pretty good. And I need too! Over the past 10 months I've gained 15 or so of the almost 70 pounds I lost last year and the year before and I can't stand myself. Even though most folks said I looked too thin I loved it and I want to get back there. So I've been doing a starting to run program like I did back in '01. The one I'm doing now is called Couch to 5k and I'm half way through the 9 week long program. And what I think is the most amazing thing is, I'm actually faster now than I was nine years ago. I'm a slow runner and in my best shape could run a 12 minute pace on shorter runs and ended up with a six hour marathon. This time around I'm running much faster - I guess weighting less is really helping. :-) I'm also cross training, mostly biking and I want to start swimming in the fall. I've joined a yoga group and I'm loving that also. My short term goal currently is to run a 30 minute 5k - I'm looking for one in September. Longer term goals are run a half marathon next May (Indy Half) and start training for more triathlons. I did a sprint tri in 2002 and really enjoyed it but I really need to work on my swimming. I'm not a very strong swimmer by any stretch and never had any correct form. So I think adult swim classes are in order.

Now I just need to find time for all of this between working 40 hours, commuting 20 hours a week, agility and crafting!


Margaret said...

Your next piece is really pretty, I think! Hope you find your rhythm on it. Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing vacation. That's good! And good for you for starting an exercise and running program! I need to do something too, but my knees hold me back from doing too much.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
Sounds like you had a wonderful and laid back vacation!!!
I am impressed with your will power. Good for you, girl. You are very ambitious. I know what you mean about the weight. One time I lost about 50 pounds and I LOVED how thin I was, though others thought I was too thin. Hey, I figure you can't be too thin or too! Of course I gained it back, lost it and gained again. Darn! I just can't get my willpower back. I don't know how you find the time to do what you do now without your new exercise regime. You need to write a time management manual!!!
Anyway...GOOD FOR YOU!
Pug hugs :)

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Michelle said...

I think that's great that you're taking running back up again. It is so hard when you get out of the habit of exercising to get back into it. I've just signed up for 2 5ks myself, so that is going to be a challenge.