Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just the dark green border to go and I'm finished with Cluster of Lilies. I'd like to take a break before starting number four and am eyeing the new BBD series as a start. But I need the big piece of linen and I really don't want to spend $50 on it right now. I've got a lot of other expenses right now and that seems a little out of line for what I should be spending on my stitching.

I did receive a small gift check award from work a couple of weeks ago and I put the money toward a new project. :-) Have you ever seen this?

It's called Scott Lee and it's a teaching piece that Jean Hilton designed before she died. It's a counted needlepoint piece. My friend Kelly had wanted to do it for some time and she found a shop that was selling them. So I got one too. :-) My supplies should be here by the end of the week. I'll only be able to do this at home though as it's 13 x 20 inches and way to big for the train.

I've done a ton of Jean Hilton pieces and this one is going to be fun! A challenge but fun!


Margaret said...

Oh, nice on both counts! Love how your lilies is shaping up! And that Jean Hilton piece -- wow! I love angels so it's a winner for me! I'm looking forward to seeing you stitch this one up!

Jan said...

Wow to that Jean Hilton project...gorgeous!

Deb said...

Your block really looks great! That border is the perfect touch.

And I've seen that Jean Hilton and ordered it too. I hadn't seen that particular pattern before so I was crazy to get my hands on it. Will be awhile before I start on it because I just started Jean's Baroque.