Monday, January 25, 2010

So what's next?

Thanks so much for all your kind remarks about my Village! That was the most I ever had from a finish. :-) I'm all glowey.

So what is next? Several people asked that very question. I'm ready to go with Shores of Hawk Run Hollow but I think I want to finish some stuff first before I add to my WIP pile. I want to work on the Isa V Marquior from last year. I'm half way finished there and I even pulled it out last night and put it in my bag for the train this week (ended up not bringing it though). I even pulled out my HUGE Marquoir ABC Ancien Bleu & Rouge to look at. I'm half way with that one also. But I know there is a counting error on both sides of the border and I'm dreading trying to fix it. I think I need to push on there and not dwell on it too much. I mean it's not like any one I know is going to notice it. And I'm sure I won't even notice it at some point. :-) I have to get going on my six Christmas gifts - I have five of the charts I need in hand and I need to start to gather supplies.

Despite all this stitching talk going on in my head I spent most of my weekend quilting and sewing other things. Here are my first two blocks for the Civil War BoM that I just started. They took up much of my Saturday. When I was finished I started on a few other things but didn't take any photos. I'm working on some quilted hearts, some primitive heart pillows and a primitive doll that I want to use for the CHS apron chart that came out two years or so ago.

I was hoping to finish the chaise lounge stitching but didn't come even a bit close to that. The back of the chair is finished and I should finish the seat top today. Last night the plan was to put this aside for something else but I knew this morning if I took that step I would totally stop work on this because I'm not really enjoying the stitching. And I don't need another WIP so I'm going to push on. So back into my bag it went for this week's train rides.
On Sunday I cut out and started to piece my Rouenneries quilt. I managed to piece all the blocks and even start on some of the strips before I stopped for the day. It doesn't look like much now because there are hardly any of the red fabrics in this photo. But I'm sure I'll be able to finish the top next weekend and then get back to something else in my WIP box.


Sharlotte said...

Wow Margie! Those blocks in the first project are quite interesting. I like how the other quilt is coming along too. Shores is going to be a great new start. Didn't know if you've heard by the needlwork shop I go to told me that CHS is coming out with an Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow and they are taking pre-orders now so it should be out fairly soon I'd think. I love your HofHRH finish. I am tempted to do this one , the more and more I see everyone's finishes of it , the more I am tempted! LOL!

Kelly said...

The quilts are pretty. Keep working on the chaise. I saw it finished in a magazine and it is cute. You will be happy once you start the finishing.

Deb said...

Margie - I just love those blocks for the Civil War quilt. I'm wondering if I should join that BOM because I love those quilts. You have so many wonderful projects going on!! That Rouenneries fabric is really so pretty, and I look forward to seeing your chaise lounge finished. Those are wonderful pieces.

Alice said...

You are one busy lady! I am looking forward to more progress pics... halfway on a project is pretty good.
I like the Civil War Quilt.

Margaret said...

Love love love your quilt projects!!!!!! So beautiful!!! Oh, I'm drooling here! lol! I hope you settle on what to stitch next -- looking forward to it!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Wow, Margie! You've got some splendid projects going there, gf! I love the quilts - the fabrics, all of them are gorgeous! Your chaise lounge will be so special when done - I can't wait to see it. We'll enjoy watching you sail on shores!

Melody said...

Margie, Congrats on your Houses of Hawks Run Hollow finish! Great accomplishment. Also, your quilt piecing is beautiful.

I am currently working on Christmas at Hawks Run Hollow. I did the Village also. I have not done Shores. I am anxious to see the upcoming Autumn at HRH....but they are a big time commitment!!

Happy Stitching! By the way, I am always impressing about your train stitching.... how long is your commute? and isn't it hard to stitch with the motion of the train?

Julie M said...

Good job on your quilting Margie! I really like the civil war blocks!

I hate making the decision on what to stitch next. I waste too much time doing that! I'll look forward to seeing what you decide on.

MyLifesAStitch said...

Love love love the quilts! I had to step away from the intraweb to prevent myself from buying the Rouenneries fabric, lol, so I especially can't wait to see that one! And, a belated congrats on your HoHRH finish!!! You are one gifted lady, Margie!