Monday, February 09, 2009

the first row

I had a long list of things I felt I HAD to do over the weekend. But when I sat down to start stitching Friday night I didn't want to do any of them. :-) So I just worked on what pleased me. I got the first row of the first section of the Isa V Grand Marquior - I'm also working on this for my commute this week. I'd love to have the first section totally done before my Loose Feathers arrives from Drema but these little blocks sure do take longer than I thought they would. I figured two train rides per block but it's taking 3 train rides per block. I also stitched (but didn't take a pic) of my Garden Chair by Cat's Whiskers. I only have two sections to finish stitching and I can start the finishing.

I also did the latest block for Book of Ink Circles. As you can see there is only one part to go! That release is scheduled for February 24th and it's another short two hour block.
Here is a close up of the block. I love the two bird blocks best.

On Sunday I took the pugs to the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue winter fund raiser called Valenpugs. The wore their Valentine's finest. :-) From the left, Clancy, Aoife and Molly.

Here are my three pugs with five pugs that belong to my friend. It's hard to believe but between us we have eleven pugs. :-)


Melissa said...

Your progress on your 2 pieces is great. They both looks so beautiful. The thread just pops on that Havana cloth. It's just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the next progress pic. Pups are adorable in their V'day finery.

Siobhan said...

Your WIPs are wonderful, Margie! YGG! I love the colors in the Book WIP.

The pups are adorable in their finery!

Theresa said...

You are right, the birds in Book of Ink Circles are just gorgeous!!!! I love the colors in this one!!!!

Your pugs are just adorable!!!!

Doris said...

great progress!!, Molly look so cute!

Allie said...

Beautiful progress! I'm curious how you manage to stitch on the train? All my stitching junk likes to spread and I'm wondering how you keep it corralled. Have you ever dropped/lost pieces?

BESTEX said...

Wow, so many dogs!!
Love to see your blog!!
Cross stitch

Michelle said...

Your bird blocks are fantastic. This will be a stunning piece once it's finished!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Love the Havana linen, Margie! It's beautiful!!!

My mojo seems to have gone missing too - all I want to do is sleep! Sounds like you have a lot lined up to work on this weekend. Good luck!