Tuesday, February 12, 2008

stitching update

First let me say thanks for everyone's comments and concern over yesterday deck disaster. I spent the day working with the guys who came to take away the part of the roof that was blocking the back door. The pugs were most appreciative that they could once again go outside into the back yard. :-) We plan on rebuilding it just like it was. We were very happy with it and can't see any improvements we want to build. Just make it stronger so it doesn't come down again. :-)

Here is my progress on Where My Heart Blooms. The house did take forever but I really haven't been stitching much over the past week or so.

I've been taking a look at the Nashville new releases and right now I'm in a lot of trouble! :-) I've already pre-ordered a couple of things - The Garden Chair from Cat's Whiskers and two from the Courtney Collections, Gem Show and AlphaBlu.

But there are at least a dozen more which I have to have. Rosewood Maner has a new tree piece out - Season of Trees. I loved the first one and love this one too! I guess this means its time to by the first one.

I love all the new Blackbird Design charts - at least four are have to haves for me.

There are two With My Needle I want - Quaker Turtles and Hornbook Examplar.

I love this new Quaker from Bygone Stitches called Quaker Virtures - how about the cool shape?

From Little House Needleworks Hearts of America.

I was pretty indifferent to the new Hawk Run Hollow (but it's growing on me) but I love this new piece. You stitch the apron and put it on a doll. I just need a pattern for the doll and I'm all set.

From La-D-Da is this piece, Quaker Alphabet. I'd even do it in a blue.

And a couple from Workbasket. I love pigs and roosters! I also liked Rabbit Roundel - I can already see it on a pillow.

And just to round things off, a couple more Quaker pieces from Primitive Traditions. These all stitch up into useful things - a glass case, a card case and a checkbook cover.
This by no means covered everything I liked. Just what made the list of top things I want to do. Yeah right, and just when will I get to them all?? LOL!


Kelly said...

I can not believe what happened to your roof. I am really glad to hear no one was hurt. We do not have that much snow downtown. I love all the patterns and they are always so pretty in person. I am still a big fan of the turtles. I am busy on Nova and Beauty. I am in Mexico next week so I will not get much done.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing my best to stay on the wagon, but you are making it very hard... LOL!!

Katrina said...

I got the two new BBD Houses and the Sarah Tobias book yesterday, they are so cute! Love them all. Glad you can at least let the dogs out now. Hope you get everything fixed and back to normal soon.

Barbeeque4 said...

I am glad that all the mess is gone and that everything is getting back to normal. I have already ordered the QV piece as I just had to have it. Now I really like that Season of Trees and will have to have that one also!!