Tuesday, February 05, 2008

a couple of answers

I don't have any photos today as I left my camera at home. Duh, I don't know how I did that. But I haven't been keeping up with answers to questions that people leave me in my comments. I'll try to fix that today.

First answer is to Terri, she asked why I was leaving the little bunny on St. Reatham to last. Back in April when I was trying to decide between SR and Mermaid's Folly, I noticed the little bunny on SR being chased by all those dogs. I just loved that little touch and that tipped the scales for me. So the bunny will be last.

Sandra from the UK noticed how much darker Aoife's head is compared to my other two pugs and she wondered if Aoife would lighten up at all. There is a huge range of light to dark within pugs. At this point at six months old, Aoife is the color she will stay. Rather than getting lighter with age, pug puppies start out light and get darker. But I think she is as dark as she will get. Which is much darker than both my other two. It helps to tell them apart when they are all running around. :-)

A couple of months ago I posted a photo of Aoife in a little pink jacket. Barbara asked where I do my doggy shopping. Barbara this little pink coat was from Target in their dollar section. I paid $1.50 for it! Such a deal. But for coats and such I usually have to shop at dog specially stores because pugs are hard to fit because of the wide chests. But I've been very lucky in the past and I shop off season. All of the other coats I have purchased for the pugs have been under $10.00 - they really drop the prices in the summer and that's the time to find the deals.

Barbara also asked me if the print in my bedroom is by Cambier- it's not, it's called the Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano - I love his stuff and I have a couple more prints around, just not framed yet.

Colleen in Canada asked if I used a pattern for the dog bed I made. I did use a pattern for the quilt top but the bed itself was just a wing it job. But I've made several pillows in the past and this was just a larger version of a pillow.

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Barbara said...

Thanks for the answers! I'll keep an eye on Target next time I'm looking for gifts for my mom - she'd just love some new clothes for her little (doggie) girls!