Monday, November 12, 2007

Slow stitching weekend

I didn't get much stitched done at all this weekend on St. Reatham. The plan had been to at least finish the big motif but I fell short of that. I had plans with friends and Sunday was a really lazy day - napping with the pugs was the most important thing I did all day. :-)
I haven't posted a photo of the puppy in a whole week! Here is the cutest picture of Aoife and Molly. It's taken Molly a while to warm up to the idea of yet another pug in the house but I think she is finally there. I caught them taking a nap together Sunday afternoon. Aoife loves to snuggle.

Clancy was of course with me on the couch. He always pulls the pillows out of order to make a little nest. It's so cute.

I'm ending today's post with another pug photo but this one is not my pug. This is Molly and she belongs to my friend Peggy. This was taken at Pug Dog Nationals in Pennsylvania last September. The look of determination is incredible. She is a great agility pug.


Anonymous said...

Your pugs are just so adorable!!!

Karoline said...

Cute photo's of the pugs, nice progress on St Reatham

Allie said...

awwww pug snuggle pics!! I love the St Reathem too - beautiful colors.

Barbara said...

I would not want to be between Molly and something she wants! ;)

Your pug babies are so sweet! And your St. Reatham progress is lovely.

Terri said...

That puppy-as-a-pillow picture is wonderful!

I think Bandit finally accepted Harley when he figured out she was a soft pillow :)