Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just eight letters to go

As you can see, I'm coming to the end of this project. I just have the eight letters to go on the top and the personalization in the wreath to go. I should be finished by tonight. I really was hoping to have it completed by Sunday evening, but I under estimated just how much time I would have during the weekend. I did have a few things going on. ;-) I love how it's turning out and I think the colors I picked out are all working together. I'm not sure if you know it, but if you click on the top photo, you can see it closer.

By now, those of you who subscribe to the Gift of Stitching online, have seen the November issue. And I'm sure you all noticed the porcelain pin cushion doll made with a Christmas cross stitch over-skirt by Giulia Manfredini. Well I have always wanted a pin cushion doll and this project was made for me. So much that after I looked at my issue on Friday I went right to eBay and found a three inch half doll that appealed to me. It came in the mail yesterday! Above is a photo of it. How perfect is that? She even has a little dog in her arms. I'm not going to do mine in Christmas colors though, I want a more multi-season one and I'm already thinking shades of blues for it.

I need to start thinking about my next project but until that is clear in my mind, I'm going to work on St. Reatham. I have not worked on it since the beginning of September. I owe it at least two solid weeks of work but I think I'll work it until the weekend.


Barbara said...

As soon as I saw the pincushion doll in TGOSM, I thought of my Grams, who absolutely loved things like that. I may make one just to have something around the house that she'd love. Your doll purchase looks perfect, and blues would suit her very well. :)

Linen Stitcher said...

Oh, yes, the colors you chose for the Hunt Sampler work perfectly with your fabric and suit the design so well! And what quick work you've made of this one. It's looking great! Have fun making your pincushion.

Barbeeque4 said...

The Hunt Sampler is perfectly beautiful!!!!!! I am so ready to kit that sucker up and do it...but it will wait until the new year I fear. What a great project, my granny had a doll pincushion also and the one in the mag reminded me of hers also. :)

Mindi said...

Margie - Your Hunt Sampler is looking gorgeous. All of the colors are flowing together so well. I really like how the floss you're using for the alphabet combines all of the colors and adds some brightness.

Karoline said...

Hunt sampler is looking gorgeous