Friday, September 14, 2012

monthly update :-)

I've turned into a once a month blogger!  Not sure how that happened.  Ok I know how it happened, I stopped stitching and started sleeping on the train and watching tv at night.  :-)  I've had a chronic sinus infection now since January and it's really making me worn out.  No matter how much sleep I get I just can't get enough.  I've been on antibiotics for months and months and it's just not working.  Not sure what's next but a trip back to the doctor for the fifth time is in my future.

Here is my progress on Swan Lake from Anniversaries of the Heart.  When I finish this one I'll be more than half way done.  I really need to get going.  I've also been quilting on the weekends but nothing finished to show yet.  But lots in progress so stay posted for that.  My sister and I went to a huge quilt show a couple of weeks ago and I purchased a ton of goodies - mostly miniature quilt kits.  I'm really liking those tiny quilts these days. 

I've started work on designing my casket (above is a first pass at my top piece) - I'm going with the double casket design - more areas to design but actually less to stitch (but more secret drawers!).  I've also decided that I'm going to cover mine with 100% stumpwork.  A tall order for me since I have zero experience with stumpwork and my embroidery skills are rusty.  I've been purchasing every stumpwork and embroidery book I can afford get my hands on and I think I'm ready to start to practice.  I purchased my first stumpwork kit from Jane Nicholas just yesterday.  It's the style of stumpwork that I want to emulate - more modern than the traditional sort.  Since it's coming from Australia I don't expect to receive it until October but that will give me time to finish up Swan Lake.  I've also purchased a Wacom Bamboo Create graphic tablet!  I'm so excited.  I'll be able to trace in all my designs and then edit them at will.  Tricia also provided the fiber colors in computer format so I'll also be able to color and recolor to my hearts content before putting in a single stitch.  This will be so helpful.  It took me hours to trace the above outline and I already need and want to change it.  The sun need its to be way bigger for balance and I've decided to put a sitting dog in place of the running dog.  Plus I need to add a lot more objects to match the style of the original caskets.  So it needs to be totally done over.  Once I get it in a computer file, I'll just swamp out images over and over again until I'm 100% happy with it.  Then I can color it in using the codes provided by Tricia.  This is will very helpful as I work on shading.  There will be a learning curve of course but I'll have plenty of time as I don't expect to start the actual stitching on the casket for many many months.  Maybe even next year or even later.  As part of the class we are being provided five mini projects where we learn the skills needed to execute the caskets.  And I need to take the next class session that deals with stumpwork specifically so it really could be a while.  We have already started on the first project - we traced a design onto linen and learned how to get it on the slate frame - next month we start stitching I think.

And last but not least, sorry Anna!  Not much of a story connected with my photo with Harry Connick Jr.  My sister is an exclusive independent insurance agent for one of the largest insurance companies in the country.  Every year they organize a fabulous trip for the top agents from the previous year.  There is a gala dinner with entertainment one night during the trip.  This year's entertainment was Harry and they set up a photo session with him for the top, top performers.  I got to go along for the ride.  :-)  But it's still as yummy!  As a side note, next year is Monte Carlo and Paris!  Go sell insurance Maryl!  I want to go!  LOL!


Giovanna said...

The casket will be absolutely gorgeous - what a great project. And AotH is looking great, nice progress.

Deb said...

Your casket will be beautiful. I love the design that you have.

Sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Since January is a long time to have a sinus infection!!

Barb said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon, I know what sinuses are like, mine have been bad for over a year now. Love your stitching piece it's going to be pretty when done.

Susan said...

Have you had a steroid shot along with the antibiotics? It finally was the turning point for me when I had the sinus infection/ear infection. Mine started in Jan finally ending in late March. Good luck and speedy recovery!

Happy Stitching!

Karoline said...

I hope you feel better soon.

AoTH is looking lovely and your plans for the casket sound interesting

anniebeez said...

Wow! Can't wait to see your progress!