Monday, April 02, 2012

almost move in time

I've been super busy! My drywaller came back last Monday and was finished up with the room last Wednesday. That put me pretty much under the gun as my brother said he only had Thursday to help with my floor. So I got home from work on Wednesday and painted the ceiling. I figured I could do the walls over the weekend after the floor was down. The floor was a tough one and my brother has experience with every sort of floor. He expected to be done by lunchtime. It was lunchtime before we started to really make progress. But I think all the hard work was so worth it! I LOVE my new floor and I can't wait to start on the next room.

As stated above, I painted the walls on Saturday. This is the first room I'm not 100% happy with. I really like the top color but I'm very unsure about the bottom color. And I can't put my finger on why I don't like it. This is a crappy photo but you get the drift. I'm putting in a chair rail in a cream color and I won't make my mind up about the bottom color until I'm finished with all the trim.
This is the style of trim I have picked out for the entire house. Only the top piece of moulding is sorta expensive at $3.19 a foot. Everything else is just primed pine stock. I'm going to do a crown moulding but I'm looking for a very simple one in the new plastics / foams they have out. My walls are so out of plumb and having something very flexible will make that job go so much easier.

Lastly I painted the half bath that is attached to the master. I went with a spa sort of color. I'm going to put in wainscoting to the bottom of the window so there won't be much of the aqua showing when it's all said and done. But before I do that I have to put down the new tile floor and buy the pedestal sink so I can get that measured before I do the wainscoting. I'll work on this bit by bit until summer. I think it will look great with cream trims and aqua color.

Since I felt like I wasn't working hard enough I put into process my new furnace, A/C unit and all new duct work for the system. I'll just move in the bedroom and clean everything up and I'll start making messes again. The room the furnace is in needs work. The subfloor has to be replaced and it still needs to be painted behind where the furnace is located as I couldn't get to it last summer. So I'm hoping my HVAC guy will pull the unit on a Friday and not come back until Monday. That will give me the entire weekend to fix the floor, put down a ceramic tile and paint it.

Tired yet? :-)

While there are still a million and one things I want to do this year on the house and yard, I'm thinking I'm done with the big ticket items for the year. I'd love to find the money to waterproof and insulate my crawlspace but that's another $4,000. That will be tough to find. But my floors were so cold over the winter I hate to go another with cold feet. The new furnace will help as I'll be able to afford to heat the place warmer next year (my current furnace is running at about 40% efficiency) because the new one is 93% efficient. That will be sweet. But it would be sweet to have warm feet also. ;-)


The Inspired Stitcher said...

You go wild girl! I'm tired just reading all that. Seriously, it looks great! It will be so worth all the effort when it's done and you can sit back and enjoy it.

Karoline said...

You've been very busy,the floor looks great.

Daffycat said...

This looks fantastic, Margie! We put in a new A/C, furnace and duct work... maybe a year ago.
Best. Thing. Ever. Done.

P.J. said...

Looking good! Love the satisfaction of DYI projects, even when I am grumbling and exhausted near the end. Sweat equity baby! Keep up the great work.

Katrina said...

Love what you are doing with your new home!!!!!

Susan said...

WOW! Love the floor and the room as a whole looks beautiful. The moulding you've picked is really pretty. Oh, I remember when I replaced my old furnace! I was running maybe 40% efficient before (the basement was nice and warm from all the heat that was lost). The new one was half the size and heated so well, I could turn down the thermostat - I still had cold floors on the really cold mornings, but warm everything else more than made up for it.

Sherry :o) said...

Looking good, must sleep well each night after all that work!

Alice said...

You do this stuff by yourself? You rock!

Wilbert Padilla said...

Whoa, you did the renovations all by yourself? Pat yourself (and your brother) on the back because you did a really good job! Those floors are really nice! I think the problem you have with the lower half of the wall paint is how it doesn’t really go with the color of the floor. Maybe you can still change it? Add a tad more yellow or orange to the shade to lighten it up a bit, and to make it more complementary to the floor.

Wilbert P.