Monday, March 26, 2012

MIA Drywaller

Before I chat about my house whoas, this is what I've been up to. Quilting! I have also been stitching some but I forgot to pop Freddie into my bag this morning so I could not take a photo of the progress. Above is a quilt top I started a couple of weeks ago. The center is a cheater panel and my sister and I though we could use it to practice centering stored motifs from the computerized long-arm quilter. The rest of it was a snap. I'm more used to smaller blocks and this one zoomed along.

I did this cute little quilt top yesterday. It's smallish, maybe three feet by two feet. It will look nice on my dining room table. I'll most likely to do an allover quilted pattern on it.

And here is the last quilt top I finished up over the weekend. It's a Twister pattern and I have to say I love the fabric hate the quilt pattern. This is the only sort of quilt my sister does these days. Quick, easy and quick. :-) I generally don't like to do quilts that don't offer up some sort of challenge but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I used Fa, La, La, La by French General. French General is making my favorite quilting fabrics these days. When I was finished I was really glad I didn't buy all the Twister books and templates and just borrowed them. The finished quilt will look nice however on my couch at Christmas time or maybe even on the table if I quilt it small enough and use a very thin batting.

Now onto the house trouble. My drywaller said on March 18th that he would be finished with the drywalling, taping and priming by last Thursday (the 22nd). I haven't seen him since that day. I seem to recall him saying he was going on vacation this week so I'm assuming he is out of town until next week. How irresponsible of him. I don't have much recall however as my brother in law hired him and is paying the bill. I'm so pissed because I scrambled like crazy over the past week to get everything in place for me to paint the room over the past weekend and put down the new sub floor because I bought this:

550 square feet of the sexist 5 inch wide, hand scraped hardwood floor in the universe. I bought enough for half of my house - I'm going to start to save for the other half. I got it at Lumber Liquidators and they have had this floor for years now so I know I'll be able to get more next year. I bought enough this time to do all my bedrooms and hallway and still have some left over so I can mix it into what I'll buy next year as I'm sure the die lots will change a bit.

But the biggest disappointment of not having my bedroom ready to paint last weekend is my brother said he would teach me how to lay the floor this week while he is on vacation - we were planning on Thursday. But the time the room is ready for the floor (first weekend in April hopefully) my brother will be back at work so I don't know now when the floor will go down. I'm handy but I really want to have guidance for the first room I do. And I need all his power tools. :-) I bought the floor nailer already - I didn't know anyone who owned one and they are $35.00 bucks a day to rent from Home Depot. I found a new one on eBay for $100.00. So I'm ahead and I can sell it when I'm done with the entire house sometime next year.

I'm so bummed. I was planning on moving into my bedroom this coming weekend and now I'll have to wait for who knows how long. The house is a mess with everything that got pulled out of the bedroom and there 550 square feet of flooring in my living room. Plus all the light fixtures, cans of paint and window treatments that I had to buy. And not to mention the dust from all the work being done. I dust and vacuum and it just seems to get dirty right away again.


mdgtjulie said...

Sorry to hear about your house woes. It sucks that he didn't even let you know he was gonna be gone. I hope that nothing happened to him. Have said a prayer for him, and for your room!! You're quilts look good. I like that pattern that you don't like. It looks difficult enough to this non quilter!!! Grats on the progress!!

Deb said...

I'm sorry that you're having so many problems getting your house in order as quickly as you want. I have always hated relying on other people to do things, but sometimes you just don't have a choice. Hope he gets right on it when he gets back.

And love your quilts too. I've got one of those Twister tools but haven't tried it out yet. I like how yours came out. And I never would have known that the one quilt was a cheater panel.

marly said...

Typical of most contractors! I think they start several jobs at once knowing you won't fire them and get someone else because the work has already started. I'd put the floor down and make him bring cloths to protect it and clean it!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Your quilts are lovely, congrats on accomplishing so much. Try not to worry to much about the house, just keep focused on how nice it will look one day. CJ in Ok ;-)
Ps love that flooring it will be worth the wait.

Giovanna said...

Wow, those quilts are beautiful - congrats!

Susan said...

Beautiful quilts. Sorry you're having contractor problems, hopefully it all settles out soon.