Monday, March 07, 2011

a great weekend

The pugs had a great agility weekend. Aoife got two second place finishes in Novice FAST and her Novice Fast title and Clancy got his first ever Excellent Standard Q! And since he is still in the A class, it was first place! I uploaded a bunch of youtube videos from the trial - the link to my page is on the left side of my blog. Aoife didn't run nearly as well as Clancy did - she was her usual crazy self. On Saturday the only thing that kept Clancy from Qing was dropping the top bar of the triple jump. Broke my heart for him both times because he gives everything he has to the moment and was so awesome on both courses.

I didn't have time to stitch - I stayed the weekend by the trial site at a hotel and played with friends on Saturday.

But I did have time on the train! I'm getting close to the end of this one. Hopefully this week. In fact tonight I'll toss in the next chart with the floss just in case I'm closer than I think I am.


Annie said...

They look like real winners to me!

Lovely stitching. I've never stitched on a train. I think it might not agree with my tummy!

woolwoman said...

congrats on the kids good performances at the trial - your commuter project is soooo pretty!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Yeah for the winners! They look so cute in front of their ribbons!

Your BBD is looking great!

Susan said...

Sounds like the kids had a great weekend and you too.

Happy Stitching!

Colorado Stitcher said...


Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
Congrats to the pugs...and you! I was told my latest foster had some agility training. She is 6 but so light on her feet. She has no problems jumping the baby gate.
Your cross stitch is lookin' good.
Pug hugs :)

Alice said...

Congrats to the pugs! They are so cute.

anniebeez said...

So pretty! I love how delicate these pieces are. Congrats to the puppies!

Mrs Dibble said...

I sent my sister a link to your agility trials (she owns a pug) and Poppy looked at the computer for several seconds and then went away and got into her bed and went to sister on the other hand nearly wet herself laughing (I mean that in a good way) - your blog has been a revelation as far as pugs and agility....not two words that I would have put together up till now....but my eyes have been open. And my apologies - your Pink Hill Manor is very beautiful!!!!