Monday, November 29, 2010

a great long weekend

I had a great long weekend. Lot's of cooking, eating and crafting! I only worked on two project but feel good about both. I picked things that I can't take on the train with me and that have been laying around for a while.

The first is my Goldwork Glove project. This is the restart of the project. I started back in the early spring but was so unhappy with how it was looking I pulled everything out and put it away. I was chatting with a friend a couple of weeks ago and she sent me some links to videos on long and short stitches and it gave me the urge to try this again. First I pulled the linen from the scroll frame I had it on and put it on my set of evertight stretcher bars. I got this tip from one of the websites I had visited last week and I thought I would give it a go. And it worked beautifully! With the evertights I can get the linen really nice and tight. Then I had to find the frame clamp for my Needlework System 4 stand. I figured it would be with the stand but it wasn't. Took me over two hours to find the little bugger! I was so mad at myself. Why didn't I store it with my stitching things? No I put it in a closet on a shelf with my unused linens. Go figure. :-) But finally after three or so hours of prep, I was ready to stitch. And I think it looks ok. I there is still a lot of room for improvement but I can live with what I ended up with. The silk is very forgiving. I ended the day with the first half of lesson one finished.
Then I pulled out the little hooked rug I started back in the spring. I only had the background to fill it and I worked on it Saturday and Sunday until I was finished. I'll make this guy into a pillow like the other small rugs I did. I have one more pillow to go and then I'll start to look for a bigger rug design to work on.

That's all for now. It's back to working on my BBD project. If I can stay awake on the train that is. :-)
Enjoy the week!


Cari said...

Wow....beautiful work on the glove...just beautiful. Your are doing excellent work!1 I love the hooked rug piece too. Have a great week!!

Sherry :o) said...

I think you did a great job! Pretty start (or re-start) and love the hooked rug!

Stitch By Stitch said...

I love your glove! Can't wait to see your progress:)

Alice said...

Nice work! It must be wonderful to have so many things to choose from; you can really stitch to your mood!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
Wonderful job on your hooked piece!!!
Pug hugs :)

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! So glad you pulled out your glove project to work on again. And your rug is so sweet. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog on 12/11. Love work on the glove. Would be interested in finding out about the long & short stitch videos you watched. I am working on a sampler that I am changing stitches to long and short stitches to and would like to learn more.
I can't connect with your email link due to default settings. If you read this please contact me at or via my blog...thestitchedsampler@blogspot.Thanks,