Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Rock Star

Clancy is a rock star! We exceeded our goals for the weekend. On Friday we had mixed results with a really good jumpers run (he popped out of the weave poles between six and seven so I had to restart them resulting in an NQ (non-qualifying score). His FAST and Novice Standard runs were not so good. He lost all focus and we had two more NQ scores. On Saturday he exceeded all my expectations by earning a second place finish in Open Jumpers with Weaves. 12 perfect weaves! I'm such a proud mom. :-) His Novice Standard run was more of the same as Friday, he lost all focus and was all over the place. But today he totally redeemed himself. He rocked the Open Jumpers course giving me 12 weave poles but I made a mistake and pulled him off course resulting in an NQ finish. I always feel so bad when I mess up and he does everything right. But we both had it together for his last run of the trial, his Novice Standard run - first place! His weave were a bit unsteady but everything else was spot on. :-) All in all a great weekend. This puts us one qualifying score away from his Novice Standard Title (NA) and two from his Open Jumpers with Weaves (OAJ). Our next trial is in three weeks. I can't wait. Here is Clancy (and Aoife, that girl dog just loves her picture taken) with his two ribbons from the weekend. This trial gave out honking big ones. :-)
It's hard work being an agility rock star!

Here is Aoife (on right in the purple) with her sister Seven (in the hot pink) on Saturday. They start agility class on the 12th and it's always good to bring puppies to trials to get them used to the noise and all the action.


Vonna said...

Go CLANCY!!! It's always good when Mommy can brag :) I've been having a couple of posts like that myself here lately :)
Your dogs are gorgeous Margie!

Sandra said...

Ah bless, Clancy looks absolutely zonked!! Glad you both had a great weekend. Lovely photo of Aoife and her sister.

Redwitch said...

Rock on Clancy - what a star! Congrats to you to, it must take a lot of work.

They are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Clancy! We knew you could do it! Such a handsome fella. I love the picture of him passed out! Typical athlete! LOL

And so Aoife doesn't get her feelings hurt, she looks pretty in her purple ;)

Terri (Clancy Groupie!)

Anna van Schurman said...


Kathy said...

Congrats to the Rock Star. Great job Clancy. That is good seeing as the weather has not been good for you to get any workouts in. Best of luck next time out .

Katrina said...

Awesome, big congrats to you and Clancy! Love the pics. They are all sweeties.

Allie said...

Congrats on Clancy's wins! He is a rock star.

And Aoife - she is precious. Can't wait to see how she takes to agility!