Monday, February 22, 2016


I did a little shopping during the Silver Needle Super Bowl sale a couple of weeks ago.  I loved this Shepherd's Bush kit Gather Moments and it's box.  It looks like it's part of the Shepherd's Fold series (but it's not).  I didn't really look at the size of the box when I ordered it and when it showed up it's a little smaller than I was hoping for.  Note to self, read the details!  But it will hold some of the Shepherd's Fold pieces.  I love the round box but because it's covered you really cant put stuff in it if you want to display it all together.  So the plan is to put some of the pieces in this open wooden box.  And I couldn't resist the tiny box also.  It has a magnet it in and I plan to finish it as a pin keep and have it stuck on my frame holder to hold my threaded needles. 

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