Tuesday, January 27, 2015

something new

 I've put a little more time into my Shepherd's Bush piece.  Love the colors.  I think I'll buy the matching pins for this one. 
I put in a couple of more rows on my Drawn Thread Sampler.  My plan is to do all the pre-work before I start the new lesson plan which is different from Gay Ann's.  After all the pre-work is done, that means all the pulled work from the top to the bottom.  The pre-work is good tv work as it's pretty no-brainer. 
I purchased another SNS piece - Goldfinch and Chickadee Sewing Essentials.  I want more experience with stumpwork and the two pieces each have a lovely bird on them.  All the cross stich is over one.  Yuck.  But I'm done with the Goldfinch piece and should be done with the Chickadee piece in the next day or so.  Then I can start the stumpwork.  Yeah!  Of course I should be working on one of the other stumpwork pieces I have but you know how that goes.  :-)

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Barbi said...

It's always refreshing to start something new! Enjoy! You're other pieces are all lovely too.