Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Year, New Starts

I've been making progress on my Shepherd's Bush Goodness and Grace pin cushion.  It's been my main train project - not have I've been on the train much lately.  I've been sick since Christmas and working from home when I can.  And I was on vacation last week and I didn't put a stitch in.  I don't know why I even travel with stitching - I haven't stitched in years while on vacation.  :-)  I'd like to get caught up with these SBs before more come up.  I don't have a chance at that of course.  I'm still sleeping on the way into work when I do get on the train.  I need to fix that.  :-)

I'm also working on the two Drawn Thread pieces from Gay Ann Rogers.  I signed up on the Shinning Needle online.  My progress on these as been dismal.  But not a lot of that has been my fault.  The supplies took forever to come in and I lost whatever enthusiasm I had to the project while waiting.  And I'm finding the "extra" instructions sent by the new instructor not to be a single bit helpful and there have been lots of "I'll be posting a lesson next week" and then nothing gets posted.  I was going to work on the Doodle piece first to learn the stitches but those have been even more slow in coming so I started the big piece and I'm now working on both at the same time.  And pretty much doing what I want to do rather than following the new instructions.  I can only work on these at home as they are in large frames and some nights I just feel like stitching so I do easy stuff saving the harder newer stuff for when I feel like stitching with a book next to me.  The class runs to the fall and I hope I'm done around then.  The one on the top is the sampler and the one below the doodle piece. 
I've also been trying to get caught up on some quilting.  I wanted to do something sorta easy so I started with Blazing Star from Primitive Gatherings.  The instructions are so poor and as far as I can tell incorrect so the entire quilt seems to be screwed up.  Now I'm trying to fix it and it's just not working.  Talk about a waste of $180.  The quilt is a huge Texas Star with very large pieces (the fast part) and it was illustrated so poorly nothing is coming together.  And because the pieces were so large, a mistake can't be fixed.  So I might have a pile of scrap.  Nothing has been done in weeks there.  I guess I should work on it some more and see if by some miracle it actually comes together.  Doubt it though. 

So that has been my last several weeks - trying to something going and having nothing but issues.  :-(  Hopefully that will be a thing of the past soon so I can get back on easy street. 

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Kristen said...

I just read on Bush blog that the next piece will be shipped soon. I haven't started at all (I don't like the fabric that came for the box; bad dye job). Your cushion piece looks great.

Too bad about the quilt. :(