Monday, February 11, 2013

Second Casket Project - Progress!

I've actually been making progress on my second casket project.  It's a tiny glove scissor case and this is the cuff at the top of the glove.  The size of the linen is giving me fits.  I just can't see well enough with even my best cheater glasses and even though I have progressive lenses in my glass, they are worthless for stitching this fine.  I broke down and bought the highest power cheaters yesterday but didn't have time to stitch last night.  I hope they work.  I think it's time for a Dazor light with magnifying lens.  I'll need it for all the fine work I need to do on the casket. 

I finished up a couple more quilts last week but only took photos of one.  Don't know how I forgot the second one.  This is another blast from the past - a Thimbleberries from about seven eight years ago.  I think it's called Bird House Quilt?  It was a block of the month club I belonged to at the time.  Still cute even though it, like so many other quilts I've finished lately, don't match my house at all.  But it's sorta spring like and it's on my couch.
Close up of the quilting pattern - like how it turned out.  As I said before, I finished two last week and I'll take a photo when I have a chance.  I have another quilt on the frame but as fate would have it half way though the quilting yesterday the machine started to misbehave badly so I quit for the day.  I already ripped a ton of quilting out and that is not easy to do so I walked away and I'm looking for advice from my Yahoo Group on my brand of quilter.  Sometimes I hate this machine.  I'll only have two quilt tops to go after that!  I can't believe I'm always done with almost 20 tops.  :-)

Think of me on Wednesday - I'm having a mass removed from my sinus and I'm quite apprehensive.  I've never had any sort of surgery and it's freaking me out.  :-)  I'm sure it will all end well but I hate not knowing what I don't know. 


Cindy said...

Love the quilts. Sorry about the machine. They can be a pain. Thoughts and prayers your way for the surgery.

Susan said...

Hope your surgery went well. Love the quilt - sorry to hear about the machine acting up. The casket piece is very pretty. I picked up a Mighty Bright magnifier/lamp at Joanns a year or so ago (they had a great sale on them) and highly recommend it - can't imagine stitching on the higher count fabrics without it.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Isn't the Bird House Quilt...called Safe Haven? I made this quilt too. I have yet to quilt it. I love the colors and I am happy to see yours all done. I hope someday to have mine finished too. :)

Rishikesh Agarwal said...

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