Tuesday, January 29, 2013

still quilting!

Still a lot of quilting going on in my life!  I'm down to only three tops that need to be quilted on my machine.  Here are several quilts that I managed to get photos of.  I just noticed I'm missing one or two and I still have three that are in a pile to have their binding finished off.  :-)  I'm down to three tops that I still need to buy backing for so now I have started to piece more tops!  I'm starting to run out of space to put all my quilts.  A happy problem to have for sure.

 This was an old JoAnn Fabrics quilt block of the month quilt.  I think it's around nine or ten years old.  I gave it to one of my brothers as a thank you for all the help he has given me on my house.  He was quilt thrilled with it.  :-)  It's big - queen size at least.

 This bright little guy I put together last summer (along with the same quilt in a different color way) and my sister needed a quick baby quilt so I let her give this one away. 
 Here is another top that sat around for years waiting to be quilted - this pattern is a Miss Rosie (she is one of my favorite quilt designers) and it was my first fabric random (scrappy) style quilt.  I did it around eight years ago.  This one is big also.  It almost fits my king size bed.  If I would have done more more column and one more row, it would have.  Bummer.  :-)
Here is Isabelle in her favorite chair sleeping watching me quilt.  The long arm machine is at my sister's house and she gets tired out from playing with my sister's lab, Hunter.  Break times are always in this chair. 
 Here is my first ever "real" quilt.  Everything before this had been just putting together blocks and making stuff up.  This one is at least 25 years old.  I bought a booklet that taught the user one block and technique at a time.  I hung onto these 12 blocks for years and years and around two years ago, I put the top together.  And here is it finally quilted!  The colors are dreadful so 80's but I still love it.  I plan on putting it in my sewing room when I'm finished with renovating it this spring. 
 My latest finish just came off the frame on Sunday and I bound it last night.  This is the warmest quilt I have ever done.  It's 100% flannel top and back with 100% wool batting inside.  It's from a design from Primitive Gatherings and again, is on the large size.  The photo on the bottom is a close up of the quilting .  It looks great with the strips. 

Until next time! 


Marsha said...

They look great! Izzy is so cute on the chair. Hopefully, one day I will have a whole bunch of quilts.

Susan said...

All the quilts look great! And Izzy looks very comfy.

Unknown said...

Oh my! Your quilts are gorgeous! They make me wish I could do that.

Stitcher S said...

Your quilts are gorgeous. What an inspiration.

Izzy is a doll--how sweet!