Monday, January 23, 2012

Joy finis

Joy - design by Blackbird Designs

recommended silk floss and linen

I finished up Joy last night. And tossed Frederic in my bag for the train this week. As in the past couple of months, stitching on the train is hard because all I want to do is sleep! Maybe I need vitamins. I never used to have this trouble. :-)

Nothing new on the home front. Just working on the house with my limited time and resources. I'm hoping for a nice income tax check to at least help me get my bedroom redone started. I've been finding time to quilt on the weekends and I have several tops completed to share in the next week. I'm loving the French General lines and completed two tops while on vacation over Christmas. I purchased the latest and it's on my table ready to be cut up.

I finally registered Isabelle with the AKC - her official name is: Isibeal Siofra. In Gaelic I've read that siofra means changeling. It really fits. :-)

Have a great week!


Krista said...

Hi Margie, Nice to see your stitchings. Love your Blackbird Joy, so pretty! Have a great day!

barbara said...

What a pretty finish! Congratulations!

Theresa said...

Wow~ Gorgeous finish!!!!!! Can't blame you for feel like sleeping on the train, the cold outside sure can make the warm train a perfect spot for a nap~

Amy said...

Beautiful finish.

Have you had your thyroid checked? It causes you to feel sleepy.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Deanne J said...

So pretty, congrats on the finish

Giovanna said...

Love that ornament - great stitching, well done!

Karen said...

Nice finish! Happy stitching on
Frederick this snoozing!

Susan said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finish. This one is on my to-do list.

Michelle said...

Beautiful finish! I just loved stitching this one!!