Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Did ya miss me?

I had the most wonderful six days with my buddy from out of town. Lot's of wine, food and shopping with a Cubs game tossed in. :-) I didn't work on a single thing during the entire time. But I'm back and I even staying awake on the train ride in this morning. I'm planning on making this just my train piece for a while. I really need to get going on some of my Christmas gifts and I'll try to do that in the evenings. I'm also going to stop playing Farmville and other Facebook games in the evenings - I can't believe just how much crafting time I've lost since I started to do that. Ms. Fred is coming along and I'll start on the left hand side of the piece tonight on the way home from work.

I only have to work two days this week as I have an agility trial Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Clancy. I sure hope some of our hard work in the past several weeks will pay off. He was great last night in class as was Aoife. Sometimes it amazes me how differently I need to handle them. Aoife is so much faster than Clancy but I can't give her any distance yet because of her inexperience. I have to run so much faster to stay just a little ahead of her and I have to be right on all the equipment still. I can keep up with Clancy AND give him distance because I just know he is going to do something. But it's a ride with Aoife for sure. I can't wait to trial her again in a few months. Maybe in the fall she will be ready to try again.

Here is my Trollbead bracelet. I'm so happy with the beads I purchased from Etsy and eBay. The bracelet, clasp and silver beads are all Trollbeads but the glass beads are all from artisans and they ranged in price from $2.99 to $8.99. Plus I have two more glass beads coming from Denmark. I'll need a few more silver beads already plus a larger bracelet. It filled up fast and when you get the beads on it the bracelet tightens up. I bought one that I felt was fairly large but I still could have gone bigger.
My favorite bead so far is the fat little Venus on the left.


Margaret said...

Glad you had a fun time with your friends. Any getaway is wonderful! Good luck on the weekend with Clancy! I love your Fred progress. And your troll bead bracelet -- wonderful!

Casa Pearl said...

I love your Troll! I have one too that's pretty much full - a beach theme. I'm thinking it's time to start another. You can fit Pandora and Chamila beads on a troll so be sure to check them out - especially Chamila - great prices and cuter charms/beads.

And your stitching is sublime!

Alice said...

I love that bead right in the middle. Gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, your stitching is!

woolwoman said...

Love your bracelet Margie - My full pandora got stolen last summer in our home invasion but I have started another one and it's almost full - I did not think about buying glass beads on etsy but I have seen some people putting regular silver charms between the beads which was cute too. Good luck with the training and it's good to take a break from everything once in a while - good for you! Give up that Farming and get back to your hooking LOL - Mel

FayeRaye said...

Being a semi-girly girl, I am now going to go check out the Troll beads!!! Beautiful~~~ They look just like the Pandora~~ btw, are you doing Fred on 32 or 36?? I cant decide and really want to start him or her...thats my other delimna, I dont know which to do first~~~ Yours looks great, Faye

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I DID miss you! Kept checking your blog-- no stitching! no hooking! no troll beads! Big :(
Glad you're back and had a lovely time!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Margie ~
Good luck at the trials! I'd love to see the pugs in action.
Oh, I do love that Trollbead bracelet. I had never heard of it but just a few days after you mentioned it I saw an ad. What a small world!
Your stitching is coming along nicely. And your hooking???
Pug hugs :)

Punchbugpug said...

Sounds like a much needed break? Love the bracelet!!!