Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Floss Keeper Finis - well almost

Floss Keeper - design by Blackbird Designs
32 count Silkweavers French Vanilla Linen
Recommended floss

I almost finished up the floss keeper this morning. :-) It was only when I went into my bag to get out the last piece of floss that I needed to finish the border did I realize that last night I didn't put the floss back into the bag. :-) Duh. I'm 14 crosses short. But I'll finish it tonight when I get home from work and put it in my ever growing finishing pile.

This is my latest jewelry finish from the Bead of the Month Club. I'm going to give this to my sister for her birthday tomorrow. I'm so not a pink person but she loves pink and I knew it would be perfect for her. This is the fourth kit that I have received (still have one waiting to be finished) and I think I'm ready to cancel. Of the five kits I have received, I have liked one, hated one and was very indifferent to three. Not very good odds at all and I think my money would be better spent on things I know I will like. Things are so busy right now with me getting ready for vacation on Friday. I'm still working on my costume and I have to finish it tonight! Work is driving me crazy and I haven't even put a stitch in Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I was so caught up and now I'm behind. Bummer.


Peg said...

Oh I love your necklace set. You are so talented you can stitch AND finish your pieces! I can just stitch and that's it. Your keytag looks great. You will have it finished in no time at all tonight.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

So sorry about the thread, when you are soooo close to finishing. I will watch for the finish tomorrow. CJ ok;-)

Margaret said...

How frustrating that you didn't bring the thread! Arg! Well, it's gorgeous anyway, and will be done tonight. :D Don't worry about HoHRH. You'll get caught up again. Vacation is more important. :D Have a great time in FL!!!

Doris said...

well forget a thread is anormal thing,specially when you dont have any day free.

the beading is cute.

Julie M said...

Stinks that you left your thread at home. Won't take long to finish though.

The necklace is very pretty but I agree with you. If you have only liked one out of 5 it's time to cancel.

Jan said...

Beautiful 'almost fini' and lovely colors in that jewelry set!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful jewelry set!!!! I'm sure your sister will love it!!

You are so close on the Floss Keeper!!! Don't think you'll have any trouble finising it up tonight~

Alice said...

That is frustrating when you are so close and have to wait for the finish! Love the necklace. I agree that you are better off choosing your own projects. I never seem to have luck when I join in on those ....of the month clubs.