Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I finished up the house last night. I should be done with this block by the weekend even though I won't have time to stitch tonight. Yeah! I got caught up. :-)

I always like it when I get to the margins of a piece. Here is It's Berry Time and I'm on the outer edge. This basket is the largest of the three. I wish I had noticed when I started - when I mentally section off a project, I always like to complete the largest part first then the rest of the piece seems likes it's flying.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words on my weight loss after watching the video! :-) I have to tell you I have videos going back to the start of my agility career but not only will I most likely never show them, I even changed YouTube accounts so my current videos are all of the "new" me so no one can see the early ones. :-) I never knew I was so vain! LOL! A month or so ago, I looked at one of me and Clancy from a year ago and I swear I didn't know who that person was with my dog. It was like looking at a stranger. I ended up loosing around 65-70 pounds when it was all said and done. I'll never know for sure since I didn't weight myself when I first started. Again, thanks so much! You all made my day. :-)


Margaret said...

Don't you love that cow? He's so cute! I hear you on trying to do the largest object in a piece first. But I bet you'll get that larger basket done in no time.

Andrea said...

That cow is the cutest! You're making great progress on both of these!

and I would've done the very same thing with any you-tube videos of my former self!
How long would you say it took, to lose that much weight? It never comes off as easily as it goes on, that's for sure!

Julie M said...

I didn't know you had lost weight! Congratulations!

You are moving pretty quickly on both of these pieces!

Vonna said...

I love watching everything of yours GROW :)
Berry Time winged its way to my mailbox the other day and I'm doing it with Belle Soie "Babbling Brook" :)

Deb said...

I really love this block - that cow is great! And your Berry piece too! I haven't been reading your blog for too long and didn't really know what agility training was for dogs. How cool is that. I'm going to have to show my sister the video. And congratulations on your weight loss too.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Love the cow and congrats on getting to the other side on the berry basket piece. CJ ok;-)

Patti said...

I am ashamed to say I have both things waiting to be stitched. The BBD Berries one I am going to stitch over one and HOHRH has sort of been started a little bit but I need to get all of my commitments done first and then I shall stop doing exchanges for a while and do some stitching for me because I need to. Both of yours are just gorgeous and I knew you would catch up.

Lots of Love

Patti xxxx

Siobhan said...

Both pieces are lovely, Margie! Beautiful progress.

Theresa said...

That cow is so cute!!!!! Your BBD Berries is looking very nice, too!!!