Friday, June 23, 2006

No luck at Hobby Lobby

I had no luck at Hobby Lobby last night in finding the boxes for the new Loose Feathers. There is such a high turnover of items there I didn't think I'd have much luck. I'll try another HL near me tomorrow. I was able to pick up the last DMC I needed for my Sunflower Bellpull. I should be done by Monday or Tuesday or I'll be able to start on Vintage Blooms in silks.

In late winter I worked on a piece from the Needlepoint Guild of America called Pink Champaign by James Worth. It was designed in pinks, greys and silver on an 18 count black canvas. Well I loved the design but hated the colors. So I changed it around - I went with greens and tan on a light green canvas - I call it, After the Parties Over.

Here are a couple of closeups

I'd love to enter it at the Lake County Fair but I don't think I'll have it framed in time.


Kris said...

Just looking through your blog and had to post a comment here ... WOW! love this piece! Do you know if the pattern is still available?

Adana said...

Margie, send me the info on the box and I'm more than happy to look at my HL here or at Michaels. That canvas is just beautiful and you'll have to enter it next year if not this year.
And I looked at my list of Hillside Christmas designs and didn't have any of the ones you were looking for, only the 1996 and 1998, which aren't trees.
Adana69 at yahoo